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Quick Betting Note: Your License To Print Money Is Here

For those of you in our Yahoo! Pick 'Em League, get those picks in now. And for those of you who put actual money on this stuff, be advised: Vegas has made a very serious error on one game.

Recall that Iowa, without a quarterback who can face good competition, slept through four quarters and beat FIU 42-0. Know, also, that South Florida is much better than Iowa, and would probably beat the Hawkeyes by about 10 points on a neutral site.

So what's the Vegas line for USF @ FIU? 28.5.

We would say something like "there's no conceivable way FIU stays within five TDs," but we're BHGP; we just conceived Jim Leavitt taking a rocket launcher to the refs, and that's definitely cause for a forfeit. But in the realm of plausibility, the Bulls should sprint past that spread before the fourth quarter even starts, largely because FIU is fucking miserable.

Take it from the guy who's second in the BHGP league--USF is a lock. 28.5 is insanely low. If USF doesn't cover, Jim Leavitt is being paid off by organized crime.

Bet. On. South. Florida.