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Happy Birthday to us! We brought pastries and... oh god, no. NOOOO!! Why does this always happen?!

It's hard to believe, but later this week will be our one-year anniversary of heading over here to SBN, and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate the people most responsible for our success:


You see, without the staff of BHGP, BHGP would not be what it is today. Simple as that, folks.

But past that, we owe a mountain of gratitude to our readers, who will be pushing us over the 500,000 page view mark later this week (which uh, wow), and who registered the 250,000th visit a week or two ago (double wow). We do it for you, babies. Also, registration is free, quick, and painless, so do it and start commenting today!

And last, we are forever indebted to the kings of Blogfrica, those who've been doing what we do for much longer, and far better to boot. Not only have they provided us with limitless inspirado, but they've been as friendly and supportive as anybody could ask for. To that end, since we've been ripping them off learning from them for a solid year now, we'll be trotting out some of our favorite Blogfricans to answer the question everyone wants to know this week:

What does BHGP mean to you?

We'll be posting answers sporadically throughout the week, and the first one comes from HBIC Brian Cook of MGoBlog and Fanhouse. Brian, what does BHGP mean to you?

You fartheads caused me to blow a lot of time fisking something that may have been a big joke, but we're teammates on Team AmeriLeman so I have refrained from calling in the ninjas. Pray you never fall from the path of the American flag tie.

Also, sometimes I cry because I didn't write one of your posts.

We assume he's referring to this. Thanks, Brian!