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Sure, Beanie's Doubtful... ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!


When it comes to press conferences and injury updates, Jim Tressel is bound neither by honor nor law to be truthful. So when he tells the world Beanie Wells is doubtful, it should be viewed with the same credulity--or lack thereof--as Fox News touting Gov. Palin's foreign policy experience because Russia's right there, buddy.

Beanie's fine. Has been all along. He hasn't practiced because he has better things to do, like play Mercenaries 2. Oh! no! you! didn't! Plus, who really wants to play against Ohio, anyway? You can talk all the trash you want to an Ohio player. He won't answer you; he's a Bobcat.

If you want some unsolicited gambling advice, bet on Beanie starting against the Tro-hans, and gouging them for at least one big run that causes Brent Musberger to climax on air, even before Wells hits the goal line. We don't think USC's going to lose, but there's one team where your smart money goes. Brent knows: it's thehhhhhBUCKEYES!

27-21, USC. Bank on it.