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We Cannot Hide Our Glee: FOOTBALL MEDIA DAY

We know things have been rough this past month. We know we trust Sally Mason as much as we trust a scorpion with a rose in its mouth. We know there were a lot of Hawkeye fans who all of a sudden weren't so amped about the coming season anymore.

But goddammit if one look at the new team doesn't make that all go away.

If it's Iowa football, it's got to be full of white people. Photo credit: Jeff Cook, QC Times

Iowa football media day was yesterday, and there'll be plenty to talk about all day here. Very quick run-through: DJK is awesome, Jordan Bernstine is jacked beyond belief, and Jake Christensen is the oldest college quarterback since Scott Bakula in Necessary Roughness.

Stay tuned all day as we cover the proceedings the only way BHGP knows how: Half-assed and with poop jokes.