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BHGP Formally Offers Jay Mariotti

The sports world--nay, the written world was rocked today as Jay Mariotti abruptly stepped down from his post at the Chicago Sun-Times. The money quote:

Mariotti, whose public battles with fellow staffers, team owners, and rival columnists are legendary, didn't disclose any specific plans except to say he will continue doing his regular stint on ESPN's "Around the Horn.''

He said that he "is talking with a lot of Web sites'' and added that the future of his business "sadly is not in newspapers.''

It's time to add one more to that lot: Black Heart Gold Pants.

We've long been champions of sucker-punches saying shit to make people angry lying fearless journalism, and nobody is a greater force in that field than Mariotti himself. Why, Ozzie Guillen will be accusing us of homo-sexuality by nightfall!*

So come on over, Mariotti. The water's fine. Granted, our budget continues to be $0, but on the flip side, you can write whatever you want (like you don't already! ^_^). And really, not many people can say they're an associate editor at the #1 college basketball site on the planet. (Suck that, ESPN!)

At the very least, Jay, give us some of that old school smoldering sexytime.

Yes. That is the stuff, right there.

*Wait till he finds out he's late on that charge by years!**

**wildly untrue.