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Hooray: Mediacom and Big Ten Network Finally Reach Deal

The Gazette and other media outlets are reporting that a deal has been reached, pending minor details, between Mediacom and the BTN, allowing the network to reach every "family cable" subscriber in the state. This is a very good thing, as it doesn't even require subscribers to purchase a digital cable box. Further, it'll be turned on in time for the Maine Event, so for those of you who really enjoy Maine football, uh... there you go, man.

This concludes a struggle that lasted nearly a year and a half and that forced me to participate in 90% our liveblogs with the assistance of my clock radio. I mean sure, listening to Gary Dolphin is better than seeing anything, granted, but 24 of Iowa's basketball games were on the BTN last season, and they'll probably eclipse last year's total of 4 football games with ease in 2008.

I'll miss the increased social aspect of a BTN-less cable subscription, as I spent quite a few games at local establishments or at friends' houses watching the games, whereas now it's back to the couch. Still, lots of people don't have the luxury of leaving the house to eat nachos for 4 hours every weekend, so this is a huge victory for those Hawkeye fans.

Thanks for getting your shit together, BTN and Mediacom. Now instead of raising the price, get rid of those dozens of channels that nobody ever watches.