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BHGP on "In The Bleachers"

Video unrelated, but Michael Phelps is such a douchebag. is home to one of college football's most popular podcasts (least popular? "Bowling Green Walk-On Quarterly"), and last night I was fortunate enough to represent BHGP during the Big Ten preview.

The interview goes long, way long, Tate to Holloway long, on account of me taking up Brian Cook's spot when he decided to go MGoBlowoff on us (NOTE: like several from the interview, this joke was stolen from Hawkeye State). So what should have been 15 minutes quickly ballooned into 40. It was good, though, as we got to discuss about half the Big Ten and I made an insane prediction about Adrian Clayborn, about as insane as if I'd said "will grow wings and X-Men laser eyes by 21st birthday, sack QBs from on high."

The link to the ITB article is here, and the link to the podcast feed is rightchere. Oh, and if you want to see some other stuff, we wrote EDSBS's Moustache Wednesday here, and maybe the dumbest article in Fanhouse history ("I assume there are no [Georgia] Bulldogs in the NFL"-level dumb). Enjoy your weekends. Except for you. You know what you did.