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Rare Pictures of Casey McMalice Surface

One of the best parts about the coverage of training camp is the unprecedented access it affords us, the common fan. We see cool stuff like the I-Right 33 Trap Read Horrible Nuclear Disaster and filming for Blade 4: Blade Coaches Football But Kills His Whole Team Since He's Blade And Everything. We also see Colin Sandeman (below) doing what Julio Jones did, except with 1/1000th the hype. Sometimes receivers jump, people. It happens.

Enter Sandeman

All of this pales in comparison, of course, to photographic confirmation of the McMenace, the Montana Mountain of Mayhem, Cannondick von Murderstein, Casey McMillan. BEHOLD!


Okay. His belly might look a bit distended. This is normal, as sources tell us he had just devoured Trey Stross whole. Stross is expected to eventually recover from 3rd degree burns from McMillan's stomach acid.

(All pictures courtesy of Camp Central at Be sure to keep checking for more rare but wonderful pictures of #66(6)!)