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Open Scrimmage Recap. Not Spring Recap. Huge Difference Here Folks


Shonn Greene is the starter. Shonn Greene is the starter. Shonn Greene is the starter.

Although O'Meara looked like the second-stringer yesterday, we don't expect that to last for long; he is a walk-on, after all. By the time the BXI season rolls around, we expect the pecking order to probably shape up like this: Greene, Guillory, Hampton, O'Meara, Brinson, and Robinson. Brinson and Robinson could probably redshirt.

Adrian Clayborn is an absolute terror. Barring injury, he will be all-conference this year. He spent the entire practice in Iowa's backfield on Saturday, ritually abusing everyone that was put in front of him.

Broderick Binns looks just fine at the other end spot if either Clayborn or Ballard misses any time. He performed admirably against Kyle Calloway on Saturday.

The entire front seven is both talented and deep. There are probably seven linebackers who can start right now. Against Maine, the starting three are probably Hunter, Coleman, and Eeeeeedds, but that's not to say that Angerer, Tarpinian, and Nielsen won't have plenty of snaps in the next few games. The first two could plausibly end up starting. Angerer in particular has looked ferocious in the middle; Jacody Coleman will have to be an absolute rock in order to keep his spot atop the depth chart.

Ryan Donahue looks more consistent this year. He's always had a cannon for a leg, but the disastrous punts (like, say, the 13-yarder against ISU) should be relics.


The quarterback situation still isn't good. At times, Christensen looked better. At times, Stanzi looked better. And McNutt looked a lot more like the heralded recruit he was in high school than he did in the spring. While the play at quarterback will almost certainly improve over 2007 (unless, of course, injuries ravage the offense like last season), there are probably still going to be some "ugh" moments. In fact, some "ugh" games. I don't see this passing game carving up a good secondary.

Perhaps it's just the fact that they were going up against one of the top 3 defensive lines in the Big Ten, but the offensive line struggggled in the rushing game. Nobody sprang a big run all day long. Sure, the defense knew what was coming, but that's no excuse, especially when other teams have been saying for years that they've been able to predict Iowa's plays before the snap. A great offensive line can tell you what's coming, then run right over you anyway. Sure, the line's better than last year, but they're nowhere near the glory years of '01-'03 yet.

We don't know why the mainstream media refuse to report Casey McMillan ripping the top off the iconic water tower in the northeast corner, then drinking it dry, then flinging it into the pediatric ward of the UIHC. Ignoring the McMenace doesn't make it go away!


What in God's name has happened to Iowa's special teams? We successfully exiled Austin Signor to the hinterlands of Eastern Illinois, but incumbent Daniel Murray and freshman Trent Mossbrucker are scarcely better. The idea that Iowa can't improve on a season where they missed one of every seven extra points and half their field goals is, to be perfectly frank, horrifying. How do you fuck up that badly? How do you not improve? They're extra points. They're practically point blank. There are D-III kickers who are better than 24-28. Fucking figure it out.