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IT BEGINS: Moeaki, Stross Out for Maine Opener

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Kudos to Randy Peterson at the Rag for again breaking injury news on the Hawkeyes; he reports that Tony Moeaki and Trey Stross are missing the home opener against the Maine Streets. Nothing's been announced past that in terms of projecting how long they'll be out, but it's still not how Jake Christensen wants his pasisng game to start the season [So, let me get this straight; injuries are bad? Nice insight, chief--ed.] [You said you wouldn't drink on Sundays.--OPS] [Hic.--ed.].

In other injury news, there were a whole lot more than just those two out for Saturday's open practice. Starters missing included Christian Ballard, Jordan Bernstine (dressed but tweaked his hammy or something early on), Andy Brodell, Jeff Brinson, and Bryan Bulaga. Clearly it was not a good day if your last name started with B.

Check back later today with more on the open practice. Do it or Adrian Clayborn kills you.