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The BHGP Editorial Staff Shows Remarkable Restraint

We've recently come under fire for stories like The 2007 Iowa Football Team Finds A Severed Head and the J Leman Saves The World saga. Some see us as racist, tasteless, and devoid of meaningful content.

This could not be further from the truth.

The following is an incomplete list of stories that, over the past year, we have decided not to run. So complain now, but realize that it could get so, so much worse.

  • The 2007 Iowa Basketball Team Finds Skip Prosser's Severed Head: It was probably too soon.
  • BHGP Guest Columnist: Grandma Nasty: The subheader was "Granny Nasty breaks down her love of both the Final Four and thick black cock," and BHGP is not a haven for titillation.
  • Bring Your Jizzrag To Work Day: Honestly, we were having trouble associating this with any Iowa athletic team, and we decided not to force it.
  • BHGP Open Thread: What Would You Throw At Johnny Orr?: We felt that since he's no longer at ISU, there was no sense in opening old wounds.
  • The JoePa Chronicles: Joe Paterno's Prostate Speaks: It got weird when Secretary's ovaries joined in.
  • Casey McMillan Caused 9/11: He was only like 11 or 12 at the time, and the Hulk Hogan photoshops are much better.
  • Report: Northwestern Football Players Having Mindblowing Amounts of Sex with Each Other: There was no such report.
  • [EDIT: TITLE REDACTED]: Okay, even posting this title was horrible. It's gone.
  • /b/HGP: We would be arrested within minutes.