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When we last left our hero...

Iconsoldier_medium The Chaiwman didn't say you courd hatch any prans, Coach. As rong as we're got the guns, you wirr do as Mao terrs you to--

Two reports of a silenced gun ring out, and the armed guards slump to the ground.

Iconcoachk_medium They're dead! But... but...


Iconreman_medium You heard him say something about red flags. That wasn't just a warning; that was a clue. Where are the most red flags in the world?

Iconcoachk_medium OJ Mayo's scouting report?

Iconreman_medium Past that.

Iconbattier_medium Gasp!

Iconreman_medium That's right... we're going to Tiennamen Square right now.

Iconcoachk_medium But the money...!

Iconreman_medium No. Listen closely. He can't get that money or that soda.

Iconcoachk_medium I don't know, Mello Yello is pretty awful. What's the worst that could happen?

Iconreman_medium For one, I won't pretend like I like Mello Yello or drink it on a regular basis; I don't. it's a bunch of sugar. But it's also highly radioactive and easily refined into weapons-grade plutonium. If he gets his tiny Chinese hands

Iconbattier_medium Yeah, what's up with Chinese peoples' hands?

Iconreman_medium No idea, they're like baby hands. If he gets those baby hands on enough Mello Yello, though, we're all doomed. He could wipe out the western hemisphere--and anything that touches it.

Iconcoachk_medium So we have to...

Iconreman_medium Yes.

Iconreman_medium We have to save the motherfucking world.

And now, BHGP Films proudly presents the culmination of the J Leman Saves the World saga...