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Got A Half-Hour to Kill?

Why not watch the greatest infomercial ever recorded? It actually aired in New York, and it's by three MCs (no word on the one DJ) from Brooklyn who D/B/A the "Beastie Boys." Perhaps you've heard of them.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are few bigger fans of the Beastly Brothers than ol' Oopsie here, and while I would find it impossible to name and stick with a "Best album of all time," Ill Communication is definitely in my top three, and Check Your Head and Hello Nasty have comfortable spots in my top 15.

Nonetheless, enjoy. And if you don't find any of this funny, well, you're probably not a fan of BHGP in the first place.



I'm changing my name to Jack Freeweather immediately. Is that goh-geous?