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Michigan: Where Plagiarism Happens

Our friend Brian, the owner and purveyor of mGoBlog, got some new digs over the weekend.  They're very nice, and they have cool new features, like full-fledged comment accounts, a slick new blogroll, and commenter diaries.

The first diary posted today (by Max - and that most certainly is a pseudonym) was a link to a five-minute Youtube video entitled "Michigan: Where Amazing Happens."  The concept is clearly stolen ripped off derived from our award-winning Iowa Basketball ad campaign.  I have no idea why he's calling us the "NBA," unless it means "No BlackHeartGoldPants Affiliation."  PLAGIARISM!  PLAGIARISM!

As if that's not enough, I turned my internets on this afternoon and made my way to State of Game, the usually-fantastic Michigan-centric Big XI blog.  Everything was going fine until I read this:

We've always been friendly with BHGP. We even use them as a witness (not like in court, but like "can I get a witnessss? can I get a witnessssss?) on the sidebar. But this time, they've gone too far, and will pay. I've got to go clean my verbal scattergun, but when I get back, there will be blood.

OPS: This is my serious face.

Really, Bixel?  You want a piece of this?  The road to OPS goes through me, my friend.  This is 6'7" of Youtube-making, Don King-faking ferocity just waiting to scissor kick your nose off your face.  And you want to talk about plagiarism?  Perhaps we should compare commenter pics, Beauford?

Steve McQueen says "Ali McGraw, bitch."

That's it.  You asked for it, Michigan.  BHGP Films proudly presents:

"Michigan: Where Amazing Happens"


We would have included such other Michigan-related observations as, "Where jangling our keys because we're too damn old, lazy, and effete to stand up and clap happens" and "Where no longer prestigious enough to lure away your coach unless you're West Virginia happens," but we couldn't fit those on a slide.

Consider yourself warned, Michigan.