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NCAA Football 09 Ratings Are Out; Iowa Status: Troubling

EA's rolling out their latest iteration of their amateur exploitation cash cow wildly successful video game franchise, NCAA Football, next month. Along with the release of the game comes "leaks" of the top player ratings for each team. For Iowa, it probably comes as no surprise that Mitch King is the top dog. Then Matt Kroul. By the way, shouldn't they start referring to themselves as "'Kroul' & 'Unusual Punishment'"? Yes they should. After that, Edds, right?

Um, right?

Uh oh.

Ncaa09_medium (click to embiggen)

Yes, they are insinuating that AJ Edds is every bit as good a linebacker as Jake Christensen is a QB. Amd that Moeaki is worse than both of them. That, ahem, we cannot agree with. While we... okay, I don't much care for the "bench JC" talk, as the vast majority of the offense's struggles were not his fault, 86 is still a gift.

Also, between Steele's ranking of Edds at 4th team All-BXI at LB and this, it's becoming clear that Edds is criminally underrated at this point. Yes, he played weakside last season, but he was fucking great at it, and he was probably Iowa's best linebacker by the end of the season. Once the season plays out, Edds will be 2nd team in the conference, at worst (assuming, of course, that he stays healthy; if he gets his with an exploding blowdart in his jugular or ACL, then all bets are off).

So yeah, Jake Christensen is likely your offensive impact player. Oh well, I guess EA wasn't counting on pushing many units in Iowa City anyway.