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We don't need a reason to post Seu Jorge.  But it helps.

We're generally apolitical here at BHGP, but it's not going to stop us from voting for change when change is necessary.  And, as real life encroaches further into the bloglives of OPS, JHC, and myself, change has become necessary.

And so it is my great pleasure to introduce Storminspank, our all-new fourth musketeer.  Anyone who has read his eponymous blog over the past couple of years knows (1) he's a Minnesotan - feel free to hold that against him - and (2) he knows more about Iowa football and basketball than we do.  He also knows how to write a good fake interview.  In other words, we imagine he'll render us useless within six months.  Please join us in the sort of hazing and mockery that will make Stormy feel right at home.

You might think our monopolization of the Iowa blogosphere is now complete, but you'd be mistaken.  We've updated the BHGP blogroll (on the right side, below the all-new INPIYLTI section) to include a bunch of Iowa material, as well as some new blogs from around the conference.  Read.  Learn.  Enjoy.