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Nepotism Run Amok?

As you all well know, James Ferentz - son of Kirk Ferentz - is an incoming freshman center.  He enters Iowa stuck well behind honorable mention all-Big Ten center Rafael Eubanks and senior Rob Bruggeman.  Odds are he will redshirt and compete for the starting position in two years.

But what if he doesn't?  What if Ferentz decides instead to move Bruggeman to guard and politely asks Eubanks to transfer, clearing the way for his son to start as a freshman?  We would cry nepotism and let slip the dogs of war, right?

I only mention this hypothetical scenario because Tony Freeman - an honorable mention all-Big Ten point guard - was told to hit the bricks this week, despite the fact he averaged 14 points per game on a team that couldn't score, and the fact there is not a returning point guard with the same level of experience (not to mention the sole returning point, Jeff Peterson, spent the past year driving baseline, getting trapped, and throwing the ball into the stands).  Todd Lickliter is a system coach, and we've been told he wants a point guard who better "fits his system".  I'm not going to claim Lickliter doesn't know what he's doing, or that his position is unreasonable.  Of course, nobody better fits his system than...

...his son John, who is walking on this year to play the point.  I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.