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State Champion Wrestler to Join Hawkeyes

On the heels of Iowa's superchampion season, the Hawkeyes are cleaning up in recruiting, as you might expect. They recently added NW/W-MU's 152 pound champion, Jeret Chiri.

The news gets even better, as Chiri is, well, violent.

"I like to try and beat people up when I can, but otherwise I'm really flexible and funky," he said. "I can do the splits and weird stuff when I need to. I don't like doing that stuff, but when it happens, it happens. ... I want to go to Iowa so I get more of their style of beating people up."

SWEET. The acrobatic stuff, yeah, whatever. Give me pain and anger.

The good news is that we have super-secret video of young Jeret's workouts. Take special note of his athleticism and agility as he beats people up.