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Thank God It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It

Your Friday reading assignment:

You know that guy in the Allstate commercial who tries to touch Bobby Bowden and loses his station wagon door?  He loves him some Hayden Fry.  Quite possibly the greatest quote we've ever posted:

Coach Hayden Fry is my college football God and I bow at his alter. I would be breathless if I were even able to get close enough to touch him. I am so jazzed right now talking about coach Fry so much I'm going to go kick some field goals and imagine myself being Rob Houghtlin winning the 1985 Michigan game with two seconds left on the clock.

Former purveyor of The Bemusement Park, current Fanhouse freelancer, and Iowa blog godfather Mark Hasty weighs in on the Everson/Satterfield indictments.

Speaking of Fanhouse articles, the newest edition of the Chronicles of JoePa 


...right, Mr. Paterno is posted on OPS's Fanhouse page.

Spartans Weblog has the story on Russell Byrd
, a 6'7" shooting guard out of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, including one interesting tidbit:  Despite Izzo's assistants "putting him at the top of their shooting guard list," and Beilein also showing interest, Lickliter is in the lead.

Finally, don't look now, but the oracle has spoken.


Merry Steeletide!  Woo!