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Everson, Satterfield Charged with Sexual Assault

As if on cue:

The University of Iowa Police Department, in concert with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, has obtained warrants for the arrest of Cedric D Everson III for sexual abuse in the second degree and Abeberell "Abe" Bradford Satterfield for sexual abuse in the third degree and sexual abuse in the second degree. The arrest warrants are for incidents that occurred on Oct. 14, 2007, on the UI campus....

The Johnson County Attorney's Office said Tuesday that the safety and wellbeing of the reported victim was paramount in the decision about when to file the charges.

Second-degree sexual abuse (which is sexual abuse while displaying a dangerous weapon, using or threatening to use force, or with the aid of another person) is a Class B felony, requiring a prison sentence of 25 years without possibility of parole until year 22.  Third-degree sexual abuse is a Class C felony, punishable by a sentence not to exceed ten years.

It's no surprise these charges were filed now; criminal investigations take time, especially when under public scrutiny.  Further, the victim (who is described in the article as, "no longer residing in Iowa City") is either at home for the summer or left the University completely.  Either way, any imminent threat to her safety is lessened with her off campus.

You all know innocent until proven guilty applies, but if these guys are guilty, well, you know how we feel.

Oh, and Press-Citizen:  Where is the third indictment?