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The Housewarming Party


Mark Mangino brought us a housewarming gift.  He then ate Jebus.  Poor Jebus.

Things are a little different here this morning.  A little newer.  A little nicer.  A little...sparklier.  As you can read below, there are a number of new things available for you, dear reader, on SBN 2.0.  There are a bunch of new toys for us, as well, and we're going to have to figure this thing out before we get back to regular posting.

There is most certainly work to be done.  Registered commenters need to "reclaim" their handles [Is that a fat joke? -- Ed.] [I already took a shot at Mangino; the "one fat joke per post" rule still applies. -- HS] before getting back to the inside jokes and snark that typically rule the roost here.  Details on how to do that are in the post below; email any difficulties to, and we'll see what we can do to fix it.  The staff needs to get blogrolls and feeds and pieces of flair imported into the sidebars.  I propose we all take this day to register, update, and get adjusted to the new digs.  We'll be back tomorrow, with the first in a series of position-by-position previews, more irresponsible journalism from the Press-Citizen (and it's not even Pat Harty!), and a Ron Zook-Tim Brewster Recruiting Royal Rumble.