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The BHGP staff actually agrees with Pat Harty.

A reporter looking for an answer isn't altogether unlike a frat boy trying to get past second base during after-hours: in their minds, "no" is just a synonym for "try harder." And before we push that analogy to its logical conclusion (All right, I can't help it; Jim Gray equals Jerramy Stevens), let's just say it was a mighty fun after-hours this week at Todd Lickliter's last teleconference:

Lickliter never took the bait as one reporter after another asked him to tell his side of the Tony Freeman story.


Lickliter wished Freeman well, but beyond that, Lickliter spent most of his time explaining why he didn't want to comment on the situation.

And yes, just like Chad with the polo shirt and the spiked hair and the half-erection from 4 minutes of dry-humping, the reporters were determined to get to their promised land:

One reporter even went as far as to ask Lickliter if prominent donors such as Dale and Marilyn Howard, who recently gave a $5 million gift, should have a better explanation of the Freeman situation.

That, like everything else in this tortured analogy, is a dick move.

But back to the breaking news: Pat Harty likes it, and we do too. It's a standup, classy move for Lickliter to stick to his guns and inform the media that there will be no cheap shots at players who leave on a less-than pleasant basis.

[UPDATE: Really actual breaking news: Reliable sources inform us that Kirk Ferentz is in the Lasch building at Penn State, which just so happens to be where the football coaches' offices are. DEVELOPING...]