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Glen Mason Gets in Touch With His Inner Gary Barnett

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UPDATE:  I'm a moron.  This was originally "Tim Brewster Gets in Touch With His Inner Gary Barnett."  Anonymous pointed out Murtha is a congressman from Pennsylvania Glen Mason recruit.  I've taken down the picture of Ca$h Brewster, because that was just mean, but the rest remains in its entirety as a monument to my idiocy.  And Gary Barnett's sleaziness.  Be sure to catch Glen Mason on the Big Ten Network!

We all marveled at the top 25 recruiting class Tim Brewster brought into Minnesota in his first season at the helm.  After all, pimping recruiting ain't easy, and it's especially difficult when you're talking a 17-year-old into bypassing the Ohio States and USCs of the world to spend four years in balmy Minneapolis, playing in front of tens of fans at the Metrodome.

Of course, it's a lot easier convincing a recruit to come to Minny when you're offering free booze and naked women.  Strangely enough, top-ranked offensive line prospect Lydon Murtha didn't much like that situation:

On Murtha's recruiting visit to Minneapolis in December, his hosts took him and a group of recruits to a strip club. The recruits were given wristbands at a bar so they could drink for free. Murtha didn't like it. He decommitted, visited Nebraska and fell in love with the place.

Free booze?  Strippers?  Where have I heard this story before?

Oh yeah, that guy.  Class act.