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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Elsewhere on the Internets

We don't do these things because we like them.

If you're starved for hot Oops Pow action [nobody is.--ed.], you may now go several places to do so. This update is already staler than that pizza you left out last Thursday, on account of a trip I went on over the weekend, but fuck you, whatever, it's an update.

  1. At BTB's newest recruit, State of Game, there's a heinously early preview of the 2008 Iowa football season. Never mind, of course, that they had already written two. It's the quantity that counts in blogging, never ever the quality.

We'd like to go on record right now and declare BHGP the Official Fans of State of Game. And why, you ask? The names. The main guy's name is Beauford Bixel. That's AWESOME. Then the next guy is named Champ Summers, which has to be a porn alias. Speaking of porn aliases, you know the game where you find yours by taking your first pet's name as your first name, then your last name is the street you grew up on? I'm going to do OPS II a huge favor by naming his first pet Dirk. Also, I'm moving the family to Thunderpenis Avenue.

  1. Over at the Fanhouse, an article about Alabama State and a world-altering 668 NCAA violations. I received a grand total of one comment on the article, and it was, in its entirety, as follows:

Parkinson's Joke?

Please tell me your not being paid by AOL for this

Ahem. AOL is paying me, sir, and to insinuate that they ought not is fucked up. Very fucked up. More fucked up than Michael J. Fox's golf swing.

  1. I'm twittering now. This is A: not a euphemism for masturbation, and B: probably not a good idea. We're still deciding whether to add the twitter feed (again, this only sounds dirty) to the side of the page, but at this point, even our vanity has its limits. Add us if you'd like daily updates on our views on Steely Dan (good!), racist guys at bars (bad!), or obese nude skydiving (intriguing!).