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Obligatory Iowa Draft Post

Everyone in this picture makes more money than you.

A quick recap of a relatively uneventful draft:

  • No Hawkeyes were taken in the first day, but Charles Godfrey was one of the first players taken on Day Two, going to Carolina with the fourth pick in round three.  As points out, he joins former Iowa punter and would-be Heisman trophy candidate Jason Baker with the Panthers.  Those guys should have a lot to talk about.
  • The Buzzsaw that is Bissinger the Arizona Cardinals took Kenny Iwebema in the fourth round.  Surely the pick had nothing to do with Ron Aiken, who coached Iwebema as an underclassman at Iowa and is now the defensive line coach in Arizona.
  • Mike Humpal went to Pittsburgh in the fifth round.  He's a great linebacker, and he'll likely make the team and contribute on special teams, but the pick only emphasizes the most inexplicable result of the Draft...

The NFL hates freedom.
  • Adam Shada was signed to the Buffalo practice squad.  Camp doesn't open until July, but that hasn't stopped second-round pick James Motherfuckin' Hardy from already catching 18 touchdowns against Shada in the three days since the draft, all while singing, "His first name's Adam.  His last name's Shada.  He can't defend the post.  He can't defend the fade-a."

    You might remember James Hardy and Adam Shada from such receptions as this...

    ...or this...

    ...or maybe this.

Congrats to those who were drafted or signed, and good luck to all the graduating seniors (even you, Shutdown).