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A quick story about Lou Holtz, Rick Astley, and the weird world of intellectual property laws...

Last night, we completed the latest BHGP cinema release, "2002 Iowa Football."  Only, as 14 of you later discovered, it didn't have anything to do with Iowa football at all!  YOU GOT HOLTZ ROLLED!  PSYCH!

Initially, our plan was to embed the video here, and when I went to bed last night the video was in place.  Imagine my surprise this morning when the video was gone, replaced with the smiling visage of ginger-haired 80's icon Rick Astley.

Never gonna give you up / Never gonna let you down
Never gonna use my video to make a joke at the expense of the senile former coach of Notre Dame

Turns out Rick* doesn't want anyone using his video or portions thereof on websites.  Since we used about 15 seconds of a 3 minute video, we were banned from embedding that video here.  Rick Astley, whose long-since-dead career has been resurrected by the internet, is to Youtube what Metallica was to Napster.

We don't go lightly, however.  We will not turn tail and run into the night, Mr. Astley.  You won't let us use your video to crack easy jokes at the expense of a clearly senile man?  Fine, we won't use your video.  Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing entertainment, BHGP proudly presents the short version of HOLTZ ROLLED, which should be protected from the greedy hands of Rick Astley:

HOLTZ ROLL:  The Director's Cut, with funny Holtz comments and Rece Davis' unwarranted attack on Holtz and everything, is still available.  Long live Lou.

* -- To be fair, it wasn't Rick who prevented use of the video.  It was Sony, Rick's label.  And they allowed its use (even though it's well within their rights to refuse), just not embedded somewhere else where they couldn't get their ad money.  You can't blame a corporation for acting all corporation-y, can you?