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Iowa Football 2002

Both of our dedicated readers know our undying love of Scothawk, who makes the best Iowa football videos set to Enya you'll ever see.

That being said, why should the Scotsman have a monopoly on stirring Iowa football videos?  So what if he has top-notch video editing software and we have the shit that came free on our computers?  Our readers come here for all things Iowa, and we'll be damned if we concede the inspirational football video market.  After all, we made The CBI Retrospective.  We can do sentimental.

And so, without further ado, we present IOWA FOOTBALL 2002, now on YouTube.

Note:  Because of a certain protected material request, we cannot embed the video.  Sorry.

(Huge Massive City-Crushing Cloverleaf Monster HT: LSUFreek and EDSBS)