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J.R. Giddens Knows Great Television Better Than Steve Lavin Does

(Massive H/T to RealClearSports via Awful Announcing)

Literally dozens of Americans witnessed a special event last night, as ESPN aired the college basketball skills competition. Sure, there's nothing as exhilarating as watching Drew Neitzel shoot three-pointers at a faster than normal pace, to say nothing of when the ladies do it, but there's also this dunk contest thing, and well, the kids can jump at that age.

Anyhoo, one of the contestants was New Mexico's J.R. Giddens. He had a couple awfully nice dunks that we'll show you, but the real art comes afterwards as he celebrates. Observe:

"The preppie... who was that?" Lavin, you fucksquirrel, you know damned well who that is! That's the Carlton, and J.R. and his friend from Corpus Christi are representing admirably. But Giddens wasn't done. His second dunk was equally good, but the celebration afterward was so obscure, Lavin didn't even pick up on it at all. Can you?

Check out the :24 second mark if you didn't catch it. That, people, is glorious. Go on, play the video again, and this time do the "psssssh" with the high five like Jazz and Will always did.

Oh, and if the Hawkeye Marching Band is reading [they're not, but go on...-ed.], we strongly recommend that you incorporate "It's Not Unusual" into your repertoire for basketball games. We guarantee that the more you play it, the more members of the student section will get up and do the Carlton. It's like Camp Randall's "Jump Around" at the start of the 4th quarter, except a THOUSAND TIMES more awesome. And considering "Jump Around" is a THOUSAND TIMES more awesome than "Hey Jude"... well, I think you see what we're driving at here. People love Alfonso Ribiero. People love Tom Jones. People love sports. This is all fact. Put the three together, and your newest sensation is born. Do it.