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Non-Spritzer-like Personal Escort

[bumped up from the diaries... --OPS]

Okay, so Pugh is now apparently gone and (under the belief that he had nothing to do with the allegations this fall) I hope he figures out where he will be happy.  The fact that it wasn't at Iowa, where he was nearly guaranteed to get significant carries as a sophomore at a Big Ten school, is really depressing, but I digress.

So we are left with the NG tube, who, from the comments of Eric Page, "he makes Damian Sims look like a giant" is every bit of his listed 5'10" - 185 that I am, and I am 5'7" 160.  Call me naive, but I don't how this guy will be effective and/or hold up for an entire B11 season.   And I think we can all safely admit that two freshman RB recruits that choose Iowa are unlikely to be the type who can immediately contribute.

Given this predicament, Ferentz better have someone coaching/teaching/flunky assistant be so far up Shonn Greene's ass that he can tell if Greene put mild or hot sauce on his Taco Bell. And this guy better be making sure that Greene is doing everything he is supposed to do get re-enrolled next fall and be ready to go.  I don't care if you have to walk/drag him to class, sit with him/tie him to a chair while he studies and does his work, take him to the gym and run a sprint or two (because, really what's the point of him coming back if he can't contribute).  Just get Greene back.  Is he a savior that will get this team back to respectability?  Clearly no.  But will they be better with him?  Clearly yes.  So Captain, my Captain, please, pretty please, get this done.