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Immediate Post-Spring Game Mood? "Dour."

If you missed the game, go here: PlayOn Sports, click on the Iowa Spring Game button (don't worry, it's all free), and watch the proceedings. As near as I can tell, it's the audio feed from the radio on top of the visuals from the big screen at the stadium (hence the plugs for, like, Iowa baseball). A couple quick observations--McNutt needs a lot of work, Stanzi needs a lot less, and Christensen's grasp on the starting spot is, uh, tenuous.

Also, the linebackers look great, the offensive line doesn't, and Paki O'Meara is, shockingly, not the answer at tailback.

If you went to the game, by all means, leave some thoughts in the comments, and we'll be going position-by-position over the next couple of days. In the mean time, time to return to the DL as I fight off a nasty head cold the only way I know how-- Tylenol Orange and that Purple Drank, lawya.