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Gone Baby Gone

Well, that was inevitable:

Iowa receiver James Cleveland and backup quarterback Arvell Nelson have been dismissed from the team, coach Kirk Ferentz said Thursday.

Both were arrested on drug charges last month and had been suspended indefinitely.

"It’s disappointing anytime one of our players doesn’t complete his career with our team and go on to earn their degree from Iowa," Ferentz said. "That being said, we wish both James and Arvell success in the future."

The dismissals are hardly shocking; Nelson was allegedly caught red-handed with pot, and Cleveland is facing honest-to-goodness jail time (and that's not even mentioning the implications of last week's DMR report on the Douglas/Bowman affair).  More interesting, however, is the apparent end of CBI at Iowa.  Nelson and Cleveland are now gone, Douglas is literally eating money, and Bowman is not listed on the current roster.  I think we all know what that means...

Ladies and gentlemen, BHGP proudly presents: