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Like CBI, The Iowa Women Are All About That Bling

Good news--the Women's Big Ten Basketball Tournament is already underway. Bad news--the first game was this morning. You already missed it, man.

In it, the Hawkeyes rolled Michigan, 58-37. That's good, because the ladies are on a quest: not for blood or revenge, but that gold, lawya.

"We want to go out there and prove to everyone how good we are," Iowa junior Kristi Smith said. "We were focused on getting the ring, or the bling as we call it. We want to get another bling for our other hand."

Ballin' out of control, baby. With their win this afternoon, the Hawks are just two steps away from cutting down more nets--the winner of the Purdue-Indiana hatefest* will face Iowa tomorrow afternoon.

Until then, we admire the ladies' singular drive and determination. With that admiration must come a warning, though; the last Hawkeyes with that mindset just so happen to be CBI, and as HS informed us early this morning, that did not end well. Let them be an example, Hawkeyes. Know now what they didn't know then. And don't leave your weed on your desk when the cops come.

*is that even a rivalry? I never really hear about the animosity between those two teams, even though it seems like there totally should be some. Maybe it's because nobody cares about Indiana football.