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Iowa Basketball: Where Amazing Happens

This week, the staff of BHGP got together to discuss the state of the Iowa basketball program and what we could do to help.  We can't offer much.  After all, we can't shoot a jump shot.  We can't defend D.J. White.  We can't explain the intricacies of the high post flex offense.

What we can do, however, is help with recruiting.  Sure, Coach Lickliter has put together an impressive incoming class, but we can always do better.  It might be a violation of NCAA regulations for us to visit recruits [Like that stopped OPS from stalking Matt Gatens... -- ed.], but this program needs more than glad-handing and baby-kissing.  It needs to become relevant to the MTV generation.   It needs to put asses in the seats at CHA.  It needs...advertising!

With that in mind, we retired to the BHGP film studios and put together the new Iowa basketball commercial.  David Stern, eat your heart out.  Without further ado, we give you:

Iowa Basketball: Where Amazing Happens

(H/T: Frank Grimes)