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Late Afternoon / Evening Open Thread: In Mourning

With Drake gone, we have no more rooting in the NCAA Tournament. Sure, there's Butler (71-51 winners) and sure there's Austin Peay (sounds like pee), but it's just not the same without the Dawgs around.

Also of note: my two-day substitute teacher spot at EDSBS has landed safely at BHGP Airport. It's not an Iowa blog, but Orson was kind enough to grant me a Stuff Black and Gold People Like column, a way for the rest of the sports world to get to know the Iowa fan. Other than that, there's the Curious Indexes and the Friday Cheesecake, and that's about all you readers might care about. Give it a look if you're so inclined.

As for now, we've got action in Tampa between UConn and San Diego. It's a tight one--with under 9 to play, San Diego leads by only one point, but UConn hasn't led since early in the first.

As always, leave your thoughts and prayers here, and we'll be in and out to discuss them with you.