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We're a bad basketball team - inconsistent offensively, defensively, and we've been positively listless for the past 2 weeks. When coupled with the... "misfortunes" of the football team, on and off the field, we've been through the most trying season of my lifetime as a Hawkeye. One would think all hope is lost - but one would be wrong.

See, Marchifornication is here and all of that is about to change. We still have a chance to get into the NCAA Tournament. I'm not high. I'm serious! The Big Ten Tournament is coming and the conference is just bad enough that we could actually win it. Take a look at the conference and find me an unbeatable team. We beat Michigan State and Ohio State. We had narrow losses to Indiana, Wisconsin, and Purdue (by a total of 10 points combined). Unlikely? Yes. Unpossible? No.

I know things look bad. I probably know this better than most of you because I've watched every game, and discussed them ad nauseum. Admittedly, I've said some things I (probably) shouldn't have recently but I'm a passionate man and things get away from me at times. But that unpleasantness is in the past, man. We're all about moving forward here! We can do this!

Coach Lick's not giving up.

Jake Kelly's not giving up.

I'm not giving up.

Adam Haluska's not giving up!

March has returned, and along with it, hope. So don't you quit on us! Don't you do it. This isn't the end of anything, it's the beginning. Get on board now and we can laugh at the naysayers later. Who's with me?