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Friend of the site and man about town, Orson Swindle, is a real journalist now. He's done the unthinkable and left the basement to cover actual sporting events. While it's great for fans to hear a brilliant writer offer a fresh perspective on games - Mother Nature is not amused. He's covering the SEC Tournament this weekend for The Sporting Blog (if you haven't read it, check it out - Chris Mottram is there as well) and while he was enjoying rubbing elbows with Uncle Verne and The Raf, Mother Nature came along and tore things to shreds. Check out his report of the events here. Thankfully, Herr Swindle is OK, but let's have a good thought for the families and friends of those who are not.

Also, be sure to stop by tomorrow for a liveblog during the NCAA Tournament selection show where we'll have biting commentary about the brackets, tomfoolery, and Funyuns.