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That just happened. Not exactly a "march" on San Antonio. Perhaps "stagger" back to Iowa City is more fitting? The loss today was every bit as ugly as the entire season. You could show today's game to someone who hasn't watched a second of Iowa basketball this year and they would know. They'd just know. The inconsistent defense and turnovers may not have been enough to lose it today, so we added a new weapon to the mix. That weapon? Getting Cyrus Tate to the free throw line 17 times. See, this is bad, on account of Cyrus being one of the worst free throw shooters in school history. We went over 16 minutes in the second half with no field goals -- none -- and just 8 made free throws. It was hard to watch, like the entire season, and now it's mercifully over.

Where do we go from here? Well, for starters, we can officially separate ourselves from the 2007 football season and the 07-08 basketball season. For me personally, they were collectively the most painful seasons of my lifetime. The only thing worse than their seasons, was the decision to start an Iowa Hawkeye blog in the midst of them. Bad move. But we're not quitting! Quite the contrary. We've only just begun. Letting go of last year's [you're already calling it "last year"? wow.--ed.] baggage will feel good. It'll be therapeutic. That's where we come in. This thread is the place for you to dump your bile, hate, and vitriol at the 07-08 football and basketball seasons. Scream, holler, and caterwaul at the gods. Say things you don't mean. Let it out. Then we're going to put it to rest here and move on to good happy stuff, like the NCAA Tournament, the upcoming Spring Game, and American Idol.

Here's your forum. Go.