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MARCHIFORNICATORS, ASSEMBLE! Have we got an activity for you. While joining the BHGP Tournament Challenge group on Yahoo is great (and you certainly ought to if you haven't already; click here, enter League ID 5862, password gornstar), it's not, uh, self-referential enough.

Therefore, let's create some high drama around here, folks! We're proud to present the 66th Annual BHGP Bracket Madness!

Yes, it's Father vs. Son. It's the beautiful vs. America The Beautiful. It's genius vs. epic fail stupid. It's Marchifornication, is what it is.

We'll be posting two polls a day during the first round, then one a day afterwards. We'll be crowning a BHGP King on Friday, March 28. Print out your brackets now, distribute them through the office, and get down to enjoying "March Bracket Madness" (hey, that seems kind of catchy).

Everyone involved is allowed, and in fact encouraged to do everything in their power to improve their chances of winning. Hawkeye State said he would pose in a bra, and if Pat Harty would email us a stump speech, we will print it, unedited, in all its glory. Casey McMillan may--actually, wait a second. If he's allowed to do everything in his power, he'd kill everybody in the tournament and the universe would explode. But everybody but him is expected to fight tooth and nail to win. There is no set of rules. There is no disqualification. There is only Marchifornication.