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Introducing the BHGP Super Terrific Happy Fun Marchifornication Bracket Challenge

A message to all those celebrating Marchifornication:

Did you know there are only 6 days remaining before Selection Sunday?

Did you know that the magical technology of the Internets allows you and all other Marchifornicators the opportunity to compete in a college basketball tournament selection competition with the Founding Fathers of BHGP?

Did you know I'm wearing pants, but only under protest?

So join us, loyal Commentariat, in our newest interactive contest:  The BHGP Super Terrific Happy Fun Marchifornication Bracket Challenge on Yahoo Sports.  Just go to Yahoo Fantasy Sports, randomly click on pictures and words until you are allowed to enter your College Basketball Tournament Pick'em private league information, and enter the following:

Group ID#: 5862
Password: Gornstar

Call him anything else at your own peril

The winner gets one year of free commenting privileges!  So go ahead and be crazy.  Put Drake in the Final Four (you know OPS is).  Pick South Alabama to beat Texas (you know I will).  Take Ohio State away from home against anyone (um, nobody should do that).  Dream of Marchifornication.