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More on Casey McMillan

As mentioned yesterday, our favorite recruit who's not part of a nefarious tag team set of twins is Casey McMillan, a hulking beastman from the hinterlands of Montana. Sure, he was only a 2-star recruit, but we're readily willing to chalk that up to being "under the radar," because his highlights are incredible. You can see them here, preferably over and over, because seeing tiny defensive backs thrown eight yards backwards will never get old. Ever.

Anyhoo, Mike Hlas at the Gazette has found more information on the kid and his recruitment, and it's fascinating. Iowa learned about him from a nearby alumnus, one who tried to get his own son to commit to Iowa before losing him to Stanford about 5 or 6 years ago. His team ran for 4,500 yards last season in the Wing-T offense. The Wing-T! Outstanding! He runs a 5.15 40 and his GPA was 3.8 and blah blah blah, but THE WING-T, folks!

We're not naive enough to believe that KOK will scrap the "2 yard loss and a cloud of dust" offense for the Wing-T, but please permit us a brief reflection on the greatest, most aesthetically pleasing offense in football's history:

It's so beautiful. I... I could cry.