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Fine, Fine, We'll Actually Talk Recruiting

Today's earlier post wasn't exactly fair, even if it's exactly how we feel about recruiting around here. Rivals? Scout? You're all a bunch of creeps.

But whatever. Iowa signed 24 kids in all, and you can read all about them at Actually, the site is pretty fucking cool. There's a ton of pictures and videos, and they've got film for every single recruit.

We'd particularly like to point out Casey McMillan. He's a giant (6'4", 295) offensive lineman out of Montana, and his highlights are hilarious. In every single one of them, he's pulling on the play, and some poor defensive back gets absolutely erased. And remember, this is Montana we're talking about. These are not particularly good athletes he's playing against; his victims are usually about 5'6" and weigh half as much as he does. It's like Maximus's kid vs. the Imperial horses in Gladiator. So check that out.

If you've got time to kill (and since you're on this website, I'm guessing that's very definitely "yes"), go to and check out some of the highlight videos. Sure, you may ask yourself, "why am I watching Iowa's next kicker running quarterback draws and bootlegs?" For the trick plays, whiskeydick! Now there's no reason not to expect this whenever Mossbrucker steps onto the field. Field goals are for pussies. Real kickers go for six every single time.

There was going to be a full list of the recruits after the break, but since SBN's software is shall-we-say buttfucking retarded, that's not going to happen. It's at the first link in the story there. Whatever.