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Obligatory Super Bowl Post

I can't stand the Patriots. I can't stand their fans. I can't stand what their success has done to Bill Simmons. I want the Giants to win like you wouldn't believe. I would never wear pants again if they won. Ever.

All that said, the Patriots are going to fucking murder the Giants. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. It's a foregone conclusion.

We're not even talking one of those 28-17 "not as close as it looks" wins either. The Pats are going to fucking bury the Giants. Sure, Plax is good enough that New York won't be shut out, but they've got no shot. Brady will throw it deep to Moss at least 40 times, and it's fair to expect 15 of them to be touchdowns. If a Giants player picks the ball off, he'll be cut down in a hail of gunfire from Belicheck and his team of expert snipers in the rafters. Cheat to win, baby. Cheat to win. No matter how you look at it, this won't even be a 10-touchdown game. Maybe at the half, but that's about it.

The official BHGP prediction is 131-17, New England. That's 18 touchdowns, a field goal, and a safety after a hand grenade blasts Eli Manning through the back of the end zone. Sure, you might think the ref would call forward progress, except he's the one that threw it, so...

P.S. Fuck the fucking Patriots.