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IT'S COMING... [scary heartbeat sound]

Marchifornication is coming and you're powerless to stop it. Don't be scurrred - the best way to handle something that's dangerous and morally wrong is to join up, like a street gang. February was the greatest and best month in BHGP history [other than January.--ed.] and March is going to slap the shit out of February, so, mount up, guys and dolls, because now this is happenin'.

What is Marchifornication, JHC?

I can't tell you everything yet, but let me just say that Marchifornication will be the greatest and best month in Sports Blog History. [oh dear.--ed.] There will be gambling, outlandish claims of superiority, daily posts [um... have you talked to OPS about this?--ed.] [I don't have to talk to him! I'm the founder of this site!.--JHC.] [ Co-founder, and infrequent contributor.--ed.] [I comment!--JHC.] [this is gonna be grand...--ed.] [OH! IT WILL BE! IT WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!--JHC.] [gotcha.--ed.], liveblogs, comment thread slap fights, recipes, blog wars, and no pants, at all.
I've already said too much. More details later.