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More Ugly Details Arise

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The Des Moines Register published some additional details from the August '07 arrest of Dominique Douglas and Anthony Bowman,  and, well, they don't look too pleasant:

Search warrant documents recently unsealed and obtained by The Des Moines Register from the Johnson County Courthouse indicated the credit cards, belonging to students Abraham Tekippe and Michael Nelson, were used after the students reported their wallets stolen from N115 Hillcrest and C128 Hillcrest, respectively.


Tekippe later reported that by 8:30 a.m. the next day [May 9, 2007], more than $2,000 worth of transactions had been attempted on his credit cards. Among the attempted purchases were baseball caps and a pair of $490 shoes, with Bowman's dorm room listed as the shipping address.

Most of the purchases were denied on the basis of the credit cards being listed as stolen.

Tekippe also reported the purchases had taken place over the Internet and two orders had been placed with for Bowman and Douglas, using Bowman's e-mail address.


Bowman confessed during questioning to buying the merchandise using the stolen cards despite initially denying it, Poole said. Douglas continued to deny he had participated in the use of the cards and asked to see a lawyer.

Poole said Douglas had listed Cleveland, who is to appear for his preliminary hearing on the drug charges March 14, as having "access to Douglas' user name and password during the time unauthorized purchases were made online."

Ouch. Also, the story notes that Bowman is no longer listed on the team roster. Sure enough. We don't remember any formal announcement that Bowman is off the team, but there's been scuttlebutt to that effect for days now, so maybe it's in Bowman's best interests to go about that as quietly as possible. Fine. Whatever. Ta-ta.

Also, Cleveland looks like far more of an active participant than originally thought. Nothing here seems rock solid proof of wrongdoing against him, just guilt by association, but this evidence, coupled with the drug arrest, means we have definitely seen the last of him in a Hawkeye uniform. So it goes.

But there's an even more troubling update, and one you should probably sit down for. As you're probably aware, Dominique Douglas' gang is called CBI, or City Boyz Inc. Make sure you get the spelling exactly right, because accuracy is key here.

We say that because if you just switch one letter, let's say... the Y in "City" to an I, you get "Citi Boyz." And uh... that name's taken. By a gay pornography company. [While the link is technically safe for work and there are no depictions or simulations of relations on the page, we really, really don't recommend clicking it.--ed]

Now, look. Beyond the standard NTTAWWT, we don't mean any disrespect to our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. Demeaning someone for who they're sexually attracted to is only acceptable if they're chubby chasers. But as Norm MacDonald put it, "there's nothing wrong with being gay--unless you're not gay, then it's like the worst thing in the world." That, of course, goes triple for jocks; go into a locker room sometime and accuse someone of being gay. See how well it goes over. So with that in mind, CBI may need to undergo, uh, significant re-branding. At the very least, go the KFC route and stick with the acronym only. Heck, in KFC's case, it's even more warranted: We'd much rather be associated with homosexuality than with the state of Kentucky.

Again, to reiterate:

City Boyz--these guys.
Citi Boyz--nontraditional pornography. [Again, very work-safe, probably not work-advised.--ed.]

Just so we're clear.