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Casey McMillan is a Rampaging Terrormonster

Yes, it's time for more on the Bill Brasky of the 2008 recruiting class. We're talking about Montana native and Cloverfield antagonist Casey McMillan. When we last saw him, he was motoring over 130-pound defensive backs in a cruel perversion of the concept of sport. Now, it appears he has taken his insatiable carnagelust to the parquet.

We don't care what the Billings Gazette claims; this is no celebration. Casey McMillan is enraged, and aiming the hapless point guard for the densest part of the crowd. Somehow, the boy will explode. Afterwards, he will try to dunk the referee, sending him crashing through the backboard in a ghastly display of exsanguination usually reserved for Final Destination blooper reels. Your weapons are useless against Casey McMillan! Run! Run if you want to live!

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