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Iowa's Assault on Fulmer Cup Continues Unabated

Let's get the bad news out of the way right now: WR James Cleveland, two counts of misdemeanor drug possession, one felony count of tax stamp violation.* QB Arvell Nelson, possession of marijuana. Both are, in all likelihood, gone, gone, motherfucking gone. Via the Great Gazoo:

According to police reports, University of Iowa public safety officers found marijuana in plain view on top of Nelson's desk at 2:41 a.m. Nelson admitted the marijuana was his, according to the complaint.

At 3:01 a.m., Cleveland consented to a search of his room, according to the complaint. Police founds 21 units of oxycodone and 24 does of carisoprodol in his desk. Cleveland admitted the pills — for which a label or prescription was not found — were his, according to the complaint. Oxycodone usually is prescribed for pain relief, while carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer.

If you were curious about whether we'd had any warning signs of the bad behavior, why yes, we did. Remember the facebook picture fiasco from last fall? These two guys sure do; they were there! Here they are, posing with Head Retard In Charge Dominique Douglas:




If the allegations are true (and based on the police report, that sounds prohibitively likely), then they should be fed to bears. That's probably not the direction that Ferentz will take in this matter, sadly, but we can't be sure yet. We can't be sure because he can't be reached, on account of being on a motherfucking cruise. (Sailboat Bill completely approves, by the way.)

*The tax stamp law is complete and total horseshit, by the way, but the lesson is still the same: do not fucking sell drugs.