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Pardon the late article, but real life is a cruel, calculating mistress, one not to take for granted at any moment.

ITEM! Kirk Ferentz receives a one-year extension, likely so he can tell recruits that he is under contract for the entirety of their collegiate career. Of course, it happened after signing day, so I am probably wrong.

ITEM! The Kelvin Sanctions melodrama keeps getting more awesome. Between rumors placing Alford back in Bloomington and a threatened walkout against Northwestern, this is far and away our favorite story in college basketball this year.

ITEM! Why There's No Such Thing As Web 2.0. Snark-free, this is a brilliant article.


Dear Nate Robinson: Zach Randolph is a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than you. He will kill you dead. So at the very least, if you insist on this fight, please make it so I can watch, because lopsided fistfights are an incredible joy, like the miracle of birth or a Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar solo.