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BHGP's First Annual Awards Show, YouTube Edition

The Blackies roll on unabated, as today we celebrate a fine year of YouTubery. We have some excellent candidates on board, and two of them even have to do with the Hawkeyes! How 'bout them apples! Be sure to vote in each of the three previous categories, then vote here. We'll be wrapping up the Blackies with Best Post tomorrow, then the Awards Ceremony will be Sunday or Monday, depending on our hangovers.

Also of note: The squirrel slingshot was removed (which is BULLSHIT). Also, the Nerf dunkers disabled embedding (fuckers), so they're not up for the running. You may view them here, though.

On with the show!

Attempted Murder

JJ Goes Insane

Kerwin Balls

Soulja Bo

Zee Uppercut