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BHGP's First Annual Awards Show, Part II

We're back for the next installment of the Blackies! [can't you call it the Gold Panties or something? That'd be better.--ed.] We're not giving out women's underwear. That's weird. [but they're gold.--ed.] We're calling them The Blackies and that's final. [fine, but as soon as you post a picture of Al Jolson I'm pulling the plug on this.--ed.] Fine.

Voting is furious and spirited at Best Original Picture, so exercise your democratic rights there if you haven't already. For our second category, we'll be lauding the best pictures on BHGP from the other side of Blogfrica: everybody else! We're taking a look back on the finest photoshop works that we saw fit to share with you. And the nominees are!


Charlie Chalupa

Mangino Clown

Soulja Henne (pops to animation)

Cupcake Monster


What's the Best BHGP Photoshop We Didn't Make?

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  • 8%
    (11 votes)
  • 14%
    Charlie Chalupa
    (19 votes)
  • 29%
    Mangino Clown
    (38 votes)
  • 27%
    Soulja Henne
    (35 votes)
  • 19%
    Cupcake Monster
    (25 votes)
128 votes total Vote Now