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This Was Only Three Years Ago

2004 wasn't very long ago, and in case you'd forgotten, 2004 was kind of incredibly awesome. Even excepting the shit-your-pants-incredible New Year's Heave during the Cap One Bowl, the entire season was its own sort of miracle.

Those of you familiar with Scothawk probably know exactly where I'm going with this one. If you're unaware, stop reading us and go to Scothawk's site this instant, because it's the greatest collection of Hawkeye highlights on the entire internet. By the way, it's not outdated; it's a proven scientific fact that nothing remarkable has happened on the field for Iowa since the end of the 2005 season.

But I digress. He put together an awesome, awesome highlight reel for the 2004 season, and it's nice to take a look back every once in a while.

Two words of warning before the break: 1, the video starts automatically, so those of you at work should exercise caution; 2, this video may not be safe for the easily emotional. If you don't get a lump in your throat during Kirk Ferentz's interview with Holly Rowe at the end... why, you're not even human. So again, those of you at work, exercise caution.

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